Why Hiring a Creative Agency is the Right Move

Marketing is fun and exciting at the beginning. It’s all about wild ideas and curating a perfect plan to build your brand’s image and get your product or service out to consumers. This is the leading momentum which pushes business owners into running their own marketing projects. Once this honeymoon phase has passed many are faced with the harsh reality of keeping up with the changing industry and marketing standards. For many, this is the time when you notice your posts becoming more sporadic until your twitter feed seems to have dried up altogether. Creative marketing is essential for any successful business and hiring a creative communications agency is the best strategy to reach your goals – here’s why… An Ever Changing Industry Technology and trends are constantly evolving from one method to a better method, often moving so fast that by the time you’ve become accustomed to SEO tactics, Google’s algorithms have shifted once again. As a business owner, or with an internal marketing department, it can be hard staying on top of the latest technologies and trends. Creative Communication Agencies live and breathe change and innovation, it’s what sets them apart from their competition. As a business owner, it is a complete waste of time attempting to stay on top of this industry’s standards. Leave this work to the creative professionals and you will free up your time to attend to more important matters- such as running your business. Not Just Your Average Blog Writers Creative Communication Agencies are often packed full of highly skilled strategists, brand specialists, copywriters, bloggers, and social media managers. Business owners and their internal marketing staff very rarely have the same wide ranging skill sets as agencies. When outsourcing to a Creative Communications Agency you can leverage all of the skills and experience in that particular agency. By outsourcing your communications works you can ensure your projects will be met by the most skilled and knowledgeable staff. Life Long Creative Relationships Consistency is key when it comes to marketing successes and results very rarely appear over night. Creative Communication Agencies have the expertise and experience in properly executing marketing plans. They know that taking small consistent steps in the direction of your goals and vision are key to long term success. More often than not when businesses execute their own marketing projects they get impatient if results aren’t immediate. Creative Communication Agencies have the skills and experience to execute marketing plans but also have the understanding to step back, reevaluate and shift focus if necessary. More Cost Effective When you compare the cost of internal marketing and outsourcing you might be surprised. While the hourly rate of outsourcing may appear more than the hourly rate of an internal marketing coordinator or manager when you look a little harder you will find out-sourcing is a lot more affordable. When hiring a staff member internally there are various fixed costs that you may fail to consider. Taxes, vacation and sick pay, CPP contributions and health benefits can be as much as the base salary. When you hire a Creative Communications Agency you are generally not doing so on a 40 hour per week basis. With this being said an agency is often able to complete a project in just a fraction of the time when compared to internal work. Finally, software programs and licensing which support marketing efforts can be costly and time-consuming. Creative Agencies generally have licenses to all the required software already and may pass on a nominal charge for you to use them. This saves businesses the stress of training staff on various software programs plus the ongoing cost to upgrade and update the programs.