The Future of Content Marketing is Here and it’s Video

Video is everywhere. From the ads on your phone to the promotional signs along the highway. In the ever-shifting marketing industry, it looks like video might be here to stay.

But video can be daunting for many. How do I talk? Where do I film? Should I focus on video on all platforms or just one? These are common questions we are asked almost daily. To be honest there is no set answer. How video is utilized is different for every brand and reflects the story they wish to tell.

We all know that when it comes to social media posts the number of posts means nothing compared to the forms of engagement you are receiving on each post. Why bother to post multiple Instagram images if they aren’t getting views, comments or shares. If you want to boost your engagement rate it would be wise to incorporate some degree of video into your marketing plan.

This tool can drastically impact your ROI when it comes to marketing. In fact, it was shown that 83% of businesses using video marketing feel the that this specific form of content provides a good return on investment. The others and likely using an incorrect form of video marketing for their targeted audiences and need to switch up their marketing strategy.

While video is shown to offer a great ROI it also builds consumer trust. Plain and simple your customers need to trust you or they will not buy from you. Building trust is an amazing benefit of utilizing social media correctly because it shows your customer the humans behind the company. What better way to entice your customers while creating that emotion filled long-term B2C relationship than with video.

We can’t talk about video marketing without mentioning SEO. Search Engine Optimization is critical in boosting your company’s webpage rankings. Unlike images, videos prolong the time each visitor spends on your webpage. This can drastically increase your Google rankings.

Not only are there great ROI benefits to using video you are also opening an entirely new door t creativity. Video lets you go so much further than imagery and allows your brand to tell its story in an entirely different way. With captivating content comes captivated viewers who aren’t afraid to hit the share button. Video allows your creative content to go viral in a matter of days which equals a sharp increase in your product or service exposure.

As you can see video marketing is here to stay and is too beneficial to pass up. If you are having trouble coming up with a strong video strategy or just can’t get the hang of Instagram stories don’t hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email. We’re here to help you tell your brands’ story in a way to connect and what better way than with video.